What is PrivetekTM ?

It is electronically controlled switchable glass. With just one click you can change an opaque glass wall into a transparent glass pane.


Opaque state

When the power supply is off, the liquid crystal foil changes its state and becomes opaque, offering privacy.


Transparent state

When the power supply is on, liquid-crystal molecules in the LC foil assume a regular arrangement, which makes the glass transparent.

PrivetekTM Products


Do you know what was the foundation for the development of PrivetekTM? We planned to create a visually mobile partition, which would be practical, which would allow to save time and money, and at the same time which would be pleasant to look at. We have fulfilled this task perfectly.

Like what you see?

When working on PrivetekTM we wanted to make your life easier and more attractive. If you like what you have seen, contact us. You can be sure that our specialist will answer your questions, resolve your doubts, and will provide you with an interesting offer if you are interested in cooperating with us.